Film Review: Spider-Man No Way Home

The fans' wait for the conclusion of the Spider-Man trilogy, which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, aka Tom Holland's time, has clearly paid off.

 Spider-Man: The Way Home number is the best Spider-Man work tha
t has ever appeared on the big screen, especially if I consider this sequel to be one of the best Marvel films.

 The story of Spider-Man: Way Home is no longer just struggling with the selfishness of young children who become superheroes like the majority of Spider-Man stories, or just showing off action and fantasy filled with CGI and awe-inspiring.

Spider-Man: Number Way Home attempts to be older with a story about inner struggles for choices in life, experiencing past fears and future worries, education to let go, and appreciating what you have in the present.

 And of course, a legendary quote found in the Spider-Man film is the essence of this film: with great power comes great responsibility.

 Maturity in Number Way Home can not only be seen the problems it brings, but also how the growth of Peter Parker's personality. Peter, played by Tom Holland, clearly displays a process of maturation that is painful but also meaningful.

Peter Parker in this film not only shows the significant meaning of the existence of loved ones around him, such as family and friends, but more importantly when he believes in his own abilities.

 Not only that. Spider-Man Number Way Home implicitly gives a message that sometimes, the impulse that comes when we are down is even our other selves.It's like when we create answers to the problems we ask ourselves in front of the mirror.

 Above and below the story growth that is so significant compared to Homecoming( 2017) and Far From Home( 2019), I share a special appreciation for this Spider-Man trilogy writer duo, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers.

On the other hand, it wasn't just Peter Parker who grew up. Tom Holland is also surprisingly able to show the quality of acting that is capable of delivering the storyload of Number Way Home.

 It is not impossible that Tom Holland's actions in this film can have a positive impact on the British actor's future career. Meanwhile, cinematically, this film actually does have an execution that is not much different from the previous Marvel-Disney films.

 But the concept of a multiverse in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe actually promises exciting adventures and surprises in the future, despite the complexity of understanding it, and the thinking of some viewers who consider this a "coercion" and "matchology".

 The name is also a fantasy drama, Marvel is free to use the intellectual property of the characters they have. But one thing that deserves to be appreciated from this phase is the maturity in working on the narrative of the film as well as the series.

This is reflected in a number of titles, including Loki, WandaVision, Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, to Spider-Man No Way Home. Sorry for Eternals seems like an exception.

Man No Way Home runs. In addition, this film seems at the same time as an answer that the difference between the production house and the licensee of a character is not a problem to collaborate and satisfy fans of that character.

 Now it all depends on Marvel and Sony Pictures. Will they give up the overwhelming appreciation from fans for No Way Home by choosing their own egos, or start working together well to satisfy fans.

 After all, in the end, fans were happy, cuan came, right? In the end, Spider-Man No Way Home is actually not only a sweet ending to Tom Holland's Peter Parker trilogy, but a new standard for the future Spider-Man universe.

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